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Reupholster a chair

Par Nancy Pilotte & Chantal Brochu - 14 février 2017

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Are you thinking about changing your dining chair because the fabric is used or outdated? In the case where the structure of the chair still in good condition, we have prepared you a simple tutorial which will help you to do this major project easily. Make your kitchen set looks like new by following these few steps.

Level of difficulty : 


Duration :

Less than one hour per chair

Required material :

- Tape measure
- Upholstery fabric
- Lentra or cardboard
- Flat screwdriver
- A T-50 staple or an electric staple
- Kodel
- Scissors
- Plier


Before starting your project, it is essential to your chairs from one side to the other considering the thickness. We suggest adding 5 cm on each side to make the stapling easier. Then, come to the store with the measurements to choose the fabric. 


Step 1: Remove the old fabric using the flat screwdriver and the plier.


Step 2: Cut a new piece of fabric using the old one as a pattern. If necessary, make sure to align the pattern of the fabric. Do the same with the Kodel.


Step 3: Place the Kodel on the foam and add the fabric. If it's your case, don’t forget to align the pattern of the fabric. Flip all the layers and try not to move the fabric.


Step 4: Staple the upper edge, then extend the fabric and staple the lower edge. Check if the pattern of the fabric did not move. Do the same for each side. The trick is making sure the fabric is straight the tension is right, always staple the opposite sides. If the Kodel is too long, you can cut it.


Step 5: Staple each side but not the corners, you will staple them later.


Step 6: Staple the corner and make sure to distribute the fabric in a way that it does not fold on the top. (It’s the most delicate step)


Step 7: Take the old cardboard of your chair as a pattern and cut it in a new one or, in the Lentra fabric. (This step will serve to cover the leftover fabric and make the finishing.


Step 8: Center your piece and staple it all around.


Step 9: We suggest protecting your chairs against stain and water by spraying on Fabriguard.


Congratulations! You just finished your upholstery project. 

*Click here for PDF version!

MaterialMeasuringStep 1Step 4Step 6Step 8


You can also see our video Recovering a chair on our Youtube chanel.

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